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The people of the United States love memorials. Across the country you will find memorials in parks, cemeteries, schoolyards and on commercial properties everywhere. At Brookside, we have built quite a few. Memorials are a good fit for us because most memorials incorporate some kind of water feature or elaborate stone or boulder work. They also incorporate many other elements, such as bronze and other sculptures, pillars, grand materials, such as marble and granite, specialized concrete work, detailed brick work, benches, engraving and signage,  just to name a few.

Brookside has used all of these elements over the years in the construction of memorials. We have worked with top professionals in our own field and in other specialized fields, such as sculpting and engraving to produce some striking and lasting memorials. One key aspect of memorials is that they are built to last and Brookside always builds things to last. It is a primary focus of our construction practices. Some of our memorials can be viewed at the state capitol in Jefferson City, Ryan Hummert Park in Maplewood, Missouri, and St. Mary’s High School in the City of St. Louis.

St. Mary's High School, St. Louis, MO

Lewis & Clark Trailhead Park, Jefferson City, MO

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  • "Brookside just completed two projects, Wildwood Valley Gardens and Evergreen Glen, at Bellefontaine Cemetery. Both projects took dedication, patience, and professionalism and the results far exceed anything drawn on paper."
    - Mark A. Gaia, RAMMS Building Group

  • "In reference to Brookside’s work at Lewis & Clark Trailhead Park: “The plaza is loved by all who come by (thousands!). The children are always climbing the rocks and the falls are being used for pictures all the time."
    - Janet Maurer, Chair of City of Jefferson Lewis and Clark Task Force

  • "I am an architect in the St. Louis area. Twice I have used Brookside and both experiences I would rate excellent or better. Pat and their crew’s creative input and ability to implement their ideas resulted in two of the most interesting and natural looking landscape projects I have seen."
    - Dick Bush, Architect

  • "Brookside created a beautiful waterfall for us. It looks so natural that people think it’s part of the natural landscape. It is extremely well done and very artistic."
    - Vito Mantese MD