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Happy Trails...

With fall fast approaching I'd like to enter a rather personal blog about a favorite family activity but one that also lends itself to a mention of a few Brookside projects. The activity I am speaking of is…………. hiking.

Hiking is one of the best activities a person can do. It encompasses cardio and strength exercise, a kinship with nature and wildlife, incredible discoveries, and breathtaking views. And, depending on who comes along for the hike, companionship.

My husband and I make a point of hiking on New Year’s Day each year because the saying goes, “whatever you do on New Year’s Day you will continue throughout the year.” Therefore, why not spend it getting some exercise and reconnecting with your spouse?! And just recently we took our grandchildren, ages 3 and 4, on their first hike. They found all manner of treasures! I’m sure it is something we will continue to do with them time and again through the years.

I do many hikes with other family members as well. My brother and I try to go hiking once every season. That way, at the very least, we enjoy four hikes together each year. We make a day of it. We pick a trail, take a road trip to get to it, and do our hiking. Afterwards, we visit a nearby eatery. I also hike with my parents at least once a year, and with my mother-in-law whenever I can. A hike can be the perfect time to reconnect with someone one on one.

We are very fortunate in Missouri, especially in the St. Louis area, to have an abundance of trails to choose from for hiking. It is one of those things, just like the St. Louis Zoo, of which local residents sometimes fail to take advantage. But I encourage you to explore. Missouri has some of the best hiking terrain in the country and some of the most amazing, spectacular views.

For those interested, I highly recommend a book titled 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: St. Louis, by Steve Henry. It gives you all of the information needed for hiking the many trails in the St. Louis area, including what may be encountered along the way, such as waterways, hills, difficult terrain, etc. It also recommends the best trails for a given season. It is an excellent resource for St. Louis hiking enthusiasts.  

And for those interested in hiking, but also interested in taking a peek at one of Brookside Contracting’s projects, please keep these things in mind:

Brookside has completed many projects in Missouri and Illinois parks and public areas that are alongside hiking or walking trails. They completed a project in Jefferson City a few years ago at Lewis and Clark Trailhead Park. It is at the entrance to the Katy Trail in the Missouri capitol and a picture of the project is featured on the history page of this website. The project also features bronze statues by Missouri artist Sabra Tull Meyer.

Other Brookside projects with nearby hiking or walking trails include Indian Camp Creek Park in Western St. Charles County, O’Fallon Family Sports Park, in O’Fallon, Illinois, and Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis. Bellefontaine Cemetery is considered an outdoor museum and has over 14 miles of roadways and includes a 3.5 mile walking trail. All of these Brookside projects include some variation of water features, boulder gardens, and stone pathways.

  • "Brookside just completed two projects, Wildwood Valley Gardens and Evergreen Glen, at Bellefontaine Cemetery. Both projects took dedication, patience, and professionalism and the results far exceed anything drawn on paper."
    - Mark A. Gaia, RAMMS Building Group

  • "In reference to Brookside’s work at Lewis & Clark Trailhead Park: “The plaza is loved by all who come by (thousands!). The children are always climbing the rocks and the falls are being used for pictures all the time."
    - Janet Maurer, Chair of City of Jefferson Lewis and Clark Task Force

  • "I am an architect in the St. Louis area. Twice I have used Brookside and both experiences I would rate excellent or better. Pat and their crew’s creative input and ability to implement their ideas resulted in two of the most interesting and natural looking landscape projects I have seen."
    - Dick Bush, Architect

  • "Brookside created a beautiful waterfall for us. It looks so natural that people think it’s part of the natural landscape. It is extremely well done and very artistic."
    - Vito Mantese MD